2012 Exhibitions

February 17 - March 14, 2012

LIVE FEED: Middle East Collaborations, 2005-2012, Columbia University GSAPP+CUMERC

In the biggest transformation in human history, 70% of the world’s 9 billion people will live in cities by 2050. As the fabric of our shared world changes so radically, a whole new kind of intellectual infrastructure is needed. In order to train professionals to design new kinds of built environments in the rapidly changing world, Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (GSAPP) students and faculty are engaging with and learning from all the transformative regions around the globe – East Asia, South Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East.

LIVE FEED: Middle East Collaborations 2005 – 2012 offers a survey of GSAPP’s engagement in the region. All of the school’s disciplines – architectural design, historic preservation, real estate development, and urban planning – have led radical research and educational experiments. Through partnerships with international colleagues in the professional, academic, artistic, nonprofit, public, and private realms, GSAPP has developed architectural design studios and workshops, city planning processes, engaged historic preservation projects, and urban planning studios in Afghanistan, Jordan, Palestinian Territories, Qatar, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates. The main point is to learn from each other through an open dialogue and a free flowing interactive exchange of ideas. This form of collaborative research does not separate the local from the global. Local strength takes advantage of global insights and vice versa, generating new forms of expertise and incubating a new leadership generation in the process.

Mark Wigley, Dean
Founded in 1881, the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation at Columbia University in New York City, also known simply as GSAPP, is a vibrant hive of continuous activity energizing its longstanding world leadership role in the experimental, the academic, and the global. The school confers Masters Degrees in Architecture, Advanced Architectural Design, Architecture and Urban Design, Urban Planning, Historic Preservation, Real Estate Development, and Critical, Curatorial, and Conceptual Practices in Architecture as well as a Doctoral Degrees in Architecture and Urban Planning. All programs share a commitment to both professional training and research. The curriculum and philosophy stress the necessity of analyzing and challenging the underlying history, premises, and future directions of the design professions, even as students are prepared to become accomplished practitioners in their respective fields of specialization.

Studio-X is a global network of advanced research laboratories for exploring the future of cities launched in 2008 by Mark Wigley, Dean of GSAPP. With Studio-X locations in the historic hearts of Beijing, Mumbai, New York, Rio de Janeiro and labs in Amman and Tokyo it is the first truly global network for real-time exchange of projects, people, and ideas between regional leadership cities in which the best minds from Columbia University can think together with the best minds in Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, and Asia - rebooting the global conversation.

GSAPP’s Amman Lab opened within the Columbia University Middle East Research Center (CUMERC) in March 2009 and includes a studio workshop, seminar room, offices and exhibition space. The Amman Lab is a regional research laboratory for exploring the future of the built environment that hosts its own programs while anchoring projects throughout the region.

Safwan Masri, Director
The Columbia University Middle East Research Center is one of the first in a network of Columbia Global Centers the University has launched around the world. The Center, headquartered in Amman, Jordan, provides a base for scholarly activities throughout the Middle East, advancing the University's academic partnerships and programs in the region. The Center establishes a community where faculty engage in onsite research, scholars collaborate to offer training and develop research initiatives, students experience the Middle East firsthand, and regional alumni build networks and interact directly with the University. The activities of CUMERC include a wide range of disciplines, fostering communication and collaboration in a dynamic region.

Robert Beauregard
Alfredo Brillembourg
Jennifer Broutin
Markus Dochantschi
Andrew Dolkart
Kamal Farah
Mario Gooden
Hubert Klumpner
Craig Konyk
Frederic Levrat
Anthony Tung
George Wheeler

Malwina Lys-Dobradin
Gregory Bugel

Gustavo Bonet
Libe Columbia
Zoe Florence
Christopher Geist
Peter Harper
Lindsay Kunz
Michael Marsh
Tom McKeough
Sang Joon Park
Sherry Yang

Juliana Barton
Brigette Borders
Nathan Carter
Rosamond Fletcher
John Ramahlo
Mark Taylor


LIVE FEED: Middle East Collaborations 2005-2012
Wednesday, February 29, 2012, 6-8pm


GSAPP’s ongoing dialogue with partners in the Middle East will continue here at the Center for Architecture on a regular basis through noontime Skype conversations with the region’s key thought leaders and practitioners.

Tuesday, February 21 Ramallah: Renad Shqeirat, Architect-Conservation, Riwaq

Wednesday, February 22 Ramallah: Iyad Issa, Architect-Planning, Riwaq

Tuesday, February 28 Ramallah: Sahar Qawasmi, Program Coordinator, Riwaq

Wednesday, February 29 Ramallah: Iyad Issa, Architect-Planning, Riwaq

Friday, March 2 Amman: Hubert Klumpner and Marielly Casanova, Urban Think Tank + S.L.U.M Lab

Monday, March 5 Ramallah: Lana Judeh, Architect-Planning, and Marie Taylor, Architecture Assistant, Riwaq

Wednesday, March 7 Ramallah: Lana Judeh, Architect-Planning, and Marie Taylor, Architecture Assistant, Riwaq

Thursday, March 8 Amman: Frederic Levrat, GSAPP + CUMERC, and GSAPP Architecture Students

Wednesday, March 14 Ramallah: Sahar Qawasmi, Program Coordinator, Riwaq

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