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Thu 04.04.2013

RE:Think | Profit - Architecture in the Age of the Entrepreneur

When: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM THURSDAY, APRIL 4

Where: At The Center   

This panel brings together a group of individuals both inside and outside of the profession that apply entrepreneurial thinking in a variety of ways opening up new forms of practice.

To practice architecture today means working in rapidly shifting technological, geographic, political, and economic boundaries. Without a dominant ideology guiding architecture now, this condition of hyper-complexity has produced fundamental shifts in the perceived 'value' of the profession and, at times, a crises of relevance. If the ideology of the market has supplanted any dominant architecture ideology, then how does architecture redefine its value in relation to the market driven world? Can adopting an entrepreneur mindset offer new strategies to align the interests of architecture with the interests and speed of the market? How does architecture increase its value in the market without being consumed by it?

While architects will always make buildings, the capacity to generate a much broader spectrum of 'invisible' knowledge is inherent to the discipline (organizational, spatial, technical, and collaborative). How can architects leverage their intellectual capital in order to increase their own agency and 'profitability' in the world? How does one measure the 'return' on an architectural agenda? Or, conversely, how does architecture seed a new public or audience that is more receptive to its transformative value?

Alejandro Zaera-Polo - Dean, Princeton University
Hunter Tura - President and CEO, Bruce Mau Design
Miguel McKelvey - Founder and Chief Creative Officer, WeWork
Ciel Hunter, Creative Director, The Creator's Project
Archie Coates - Director, PlayLab + PlusPool
Anthony Mosellie - Principal, KPF Associates

Organized by: AIANY New Practices Committee

Price:  Free for AIA members; $10 for non-members

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