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Fri 05.17.2013

Architizer Awards 2013: Three Spanish Projects


When: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM FRIDAY, MAY 17

Where: At The Center   

Join us at the Center to celebrate the Architizer 2013 Spanish Awards winners. Three Spanish studios have been awarded by Architizer this year.

“DOMUSae, Spaces for Culture”
Presentation by architect Jesús Donaire

Promoted by the Spanish Ministry of Culture and held in the Salón de Reinos, Madrid’s old Army Museum, the architects Jesús Aparicio and Jesús Donaire had the opportunity to use an uninhabited historic building to house temporary exhibitions  to construct an exhibition route through the building’s empty spaces. Visitors can simultaneously enjoy the content of the exhibition and experiment by way of spatial transition with new ways of seeing the original building. The exhibition spaces reinterpret the original building, sometimes emphasizing its original proportions and other times manipulating them to make the route a varied journey in sensorial perception.

Pool & Spa Area for a Hotel in Majorca
Presentation by architect Cristian Santandreu & Juan Manzanares

In 1967, a small hotel, Hotel Castell dels Hams, was established on the island of Majorca amid the Mediterranean vegetation. Over time, and through subtle improvements and extensions, it has become one of the most distinctive hotels on the eastern part of the island.

The last of the alterations, meant to celebrate Mediterranean light and the location’s idyllic bond with nature, turned the hotel into much more than just a holiday destination. The work focused on replacing the covering and enclosure of the existing heated pool and to creating an adjacent spa to supplement it.

During development, the project was split into two independent zones, each designed to suit its own specific purpose. The main pool area is adorned with a series of square openings  in the roof that allow the light to flood into the area. The spa, intended for skin treatments and relaxation, is located to give the visitors the best views of the surrounding landscape and is also filled with light in all rooms where light is needed.

iGuzzini Illuminazione Ibérica S.A
Presentation by architect Josep Miàs

The Barcelona iGuzzini Corporate Building is located in a crossing point of the two main highways in Barcelona. An extensive portion of the building is built underground, with natural light entering the storage and loading spaces through skylights. The rest of this underground programme is dedicated mainly to research on artificial light.

The concrete base contains the logistic warehouse, loading and unloading areas, private parking, the interior showroom, the auditorium, the light theatre and research center, the conference room and all the climate and system mechanics. The roof of the building is a completely equipped outdoor raised floor, framed with different panels that offer the needed flexibility to set up various displays for the outdoor lighting showroom.

A spherical steel and glass structure stands over the concrete basement, floating over the landscape in an uncertain dynamic equilibrium. Management offices and specific investigation areas are located in this building.

The offices are built around a patio, on top of which the structure is placed. A single pillar, formed by five metallic masts, is the main structure supporting the whole volume. The building hangs from this central pillar that grasps ten perimetral ribs outside the volume to aid overall stability. This office building is completely glazed, creating a panoramic view and allowing natural light into working spaces. To protect the space from the direct sun, the façade is covered with a solar fabric protector fixed on top of a single-layer steel structure, which is at the same time fixed on the perimetral ribs. This protector reflects radiation while allowing a great visual permeability. By placing the structure in the inner courtyard and interior spaces, placed along the exterior perimeter are well adapted to display.

Organized by: Center for Architecture and Spain Culture New York-Consulate General of Spain: member of the network Spain Arts & Culture


Sponsored by: Freixenet USA (@freixenetusa) and Tapeña Wines (@tapeñawines)

Price: Free for AIA members; $10 for non members

This program is presented as a part of NYCxDESIGN 2013.



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