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Wed 09.11.2013

Big City Adventures in Building Science:Sherlock Holmes and the Physics of Forensics - Joseph Lstiburek

AIA CES: 7.5 LUs | 7.5 HSW

When: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 11

Where: At The Center   

Sherlock Holmes and the Physics of Forensics - Joseph Lstiburek

How do you diagnose problems in buildings? They are often like classic mysteries or detective stories. The best of the best at solving mysteries was Sherlock Holmes. Taking a "Holmesian" approach - the art of deduction - to solving building problems requires a firm understanding of building physics. It also requires patience and stubbornness and confidence when all those around you are loosing it. Joseph Lstiburek will share his diagnostic skills, methods and tools using case studies and a discussion of fundamentals. He will cover rain leakage testing - and why it is often useless; air leakage testing - and why it is often useful; mold testing - and why it is useless; IR scans - and why they help sell jobs but not solve problems; pressure field mapping - why it is useful to the diagnostician but pretty much useless to your clients....and much more. He believes the most useful approach is to "look" rather than test. But that seldom satisfies the client. His motto has become: "You don't get the dough until you do the show." Testing is the "show".

As we have learned to expect from Dr. Lstiburek, you will gain insight and understanding and your designs will never be the same!

Speaker: Dr. Joseph Lstiburek, Building Science Corporation

Speaker Bio
Joseph Lstiburek is a principal of Building Science Corporation and an ASHRAE Fellow. He is also an Adjunct Professor of Building Science at the University of Toronto. He has twenty-five years of experience in design, construction, investigation, and building science research. Through the Department of Energy's Building America program, Dr. Lstiburek has forged partnerships with designers, builders, developers, materials suppliers and equipment manufacturers to build higher performance homes across the U.S.

9/12 Big City Adventures in Building Science: The Secret Life of High Performance Buildings

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