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Thu 10.30.2014

Light Rail for the Brooklyn & Queens Waterfront


When: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM THURSDAY, ARCHTOBER 30

Where: At The Center   

A glance at New York City’s subway map reveals more than 722 miles of train lines running mostly through Manhattan connecting to Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. Apologies to Staten Island. While this facilitates transit between Manhattan and the other boroughs, the G train (originally a shuttle) is the only dedicated north-south subway line between the other boroughs. Unlike the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail in New Jersey along the Hudson River, there is no major dedicated north-south public transit east of Manhattan.

Development along the waterfront of Brooklyn and Queens is booming. New York City desperately needs a dedicated north-south transit service for these boroughts. Alexander Garvin has proposed the construction of a streetcar line that will provide service to a ready market of residential high-rise developments as well as for those who work in Red Hook, the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Greenpoint, Long Island City, and Astoria. It will also open up development for underperforming real estate assets along this corridor. A similar opportunity exists on Third Avenue in the Bronx.

Garvin will walk us through his proposal, illustrating the route, the type of trolley system, the great number of development opportunities along the corridor, and the quantity of new housing that can be built without relocating existing residents. As a bonus we will also hear about a similar opportunity in the Bronx where the elevated once existed.

Organized by: AIANY Transportation and Infrastructure Committee
Price: Free for AIA members; $10 for non-members


This pro­gram is presented in conjunction with the Lance Jay Brown, FAIA, AIANY Chapter 2014 pres­i­den­tial theme “Civic Spirit: Civic Vision

A program of Archtober, Architecture and Design Month, New York City, October 2014.


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