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Sat 11.21.2015

ARE Building Systems Seminar by Michael Ermann (Day 1 of 3)

The review will cover systems for heating, cooling, electricity, lighting, and acoustics. It includes a practice exam for participants and individual vignette grading. For most participants, the class is designed to replace studying (rather than supplement studying).

When: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 21

Where: At The Center   

Three-Day Weekend Seminar: November 21, 22 and 23, 2015, 8:00 AM- 5:00 PM
Class starts at 8:00 AM, check-in opens at 7:30 AM.


The seminar includes three days of prep, the ARE Building systems Study Guide and Practice Exam (The “Amber Book”), and an in-class vignette group practice.

The seminar is taught with the goal that participants will be prepared to take the Building Systems exam ten days after the class, so sign up for the exam when you sign up for the seminar.

Day 1: Thermal comfort, pyschrometrics, heat transfer, thermal resistance*, infiltration and ventilation, climate, solar geometry, passive heating, active heating, passive cooling, air conditioning*, air distribution*, HVAC concepts*, overall strategies for studying, practice exam.

Day 2: plumbing*, power*, electric lighting*, air quality, practice exam.

Day 3: Vignette group practice*, daylighting, electric lighting*, LEED, room acoustics, noise control, practice exam.

* in-depth coverage of a topic

Seminar registration includes individual vignette grading with comments. Bring a hard copy of your NCARB vignette practice to the first day of class.

Speaker: Michael Ermann is a tenured associate professor at Virginia Tech’s School of Architecture + Design, where he teaches design studio, environmental building systems, and architectural acoustics. He’s taught the building systems course sequence covering energy, passive thermal, mechanical systems, lighting, acoustics, thermal comfort, air quality, electricity, and plumbing for 23 of the last 25 semesters. Professor Ermann has authored or co-authored eight journal papers in the field of acoustics, and presented more than 20 papers on building systems. He currently is authoring Architectural Acoustics Illustrated for Wiley Publishers. He’s the former Undergraduate Program Co-chairman and has earned design, teaching, research, and outreach awards for his work.

Prior to joining the VT faculty Professor Ermann was an acoustical consultant at Artec in New York City and Siebein Associates in Gainesville, Florida. He received a bachelor of science in mathematics from Tulane University and a master of architecture degree from the University of Florida. He has passed the (current) 4.0 version of the Building Systems exam, and loves hosting ARE prep seminars for those in practice.


No refund unless cancellation is made by 5:00 PM Friday, November 6, 2015; there is a $15 processing fee for all cancellations or registration adjustments.

Other resources from Professor Ermann can be found by clicking here.

Cost per member: $275

Cost per guest: $350


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