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July 18 - September 16, 2011

Building the Burble Bup

Building Burble Bup

Burble Bup, designed by  Bittertang, is the earthen and inflatable answer to the second annual FIGMENT/ENYA/SEAoNY City of Dreams Pavilion Competition. Built of tactile materials the pavilion is a place of touch, interaction, play, and humorous social engagement. Thin membranes hold air and wood chips in bizarre and colorful volumes, attracting people to play underneath its dangling canopy and engage with their environment and neighbors in strange and interesting new ways. Designed to be played with, Burble Bup comes alive when filled with people hugging, punching, and petting it. This is encouraged throughout the summer with spontaneous and organized performances occurring in and around the pavilion, exciting the soft and supple structure.

What does it take to build community architecture?Building Burble Bup explores the process of creating a truly unique structure with 100% volunteer effort. From its inception as an architectural competition to its completion on Governors Island, the structure marks an ongoing journey of remarkable creativity and commitment.

The City of Dreams Pavilion Competition

For a second year, FIGMENT joined forces with the Emerging New York Architects Committee of the American Institute of Architects New York Chapter (ENYA) and the Structural Engineers Association of New York (SEAoNY) to co-host a competition to design and install an architectural pavilion for the 2011 summer season on Governors Island. The City of Dreams Pavilion is a temporary gathering place for people to meet, learn about the arts programs on the island, enjoy a planned or impromptu performance or lecture, and experience the interaction of art and the historic context of Governors Island.

Instead of a typical design competition, the City of Dreams Pavilion asked entrants to consider how they would design this temporary installation in the most efficient and sustainable way possible. In the end, the goal was to create a pavilion that has net zero impact and that serves as a prototype for a new, truly sustainable, way of thinking about design and construction.

Our jurors for the 2011 City of Dreams Pavilion competition were: Yolande Daniels, Principal, Studio SUMO; Vanessa Kassabian, AIA, LEED AP, Design Director, Snøhetta; Jing Liu, Principal, SO-IL; Kristin Marting, Artistic Director, HERE; Robert Otani, PE, LEED AP, Vice President, Thornton Tomasetti; Milton Puryear, Co-Founder of Brooklyn Greenway Initiative; and Ada Tolla, Int’l Assoc. AIA., Principal, LOT-EK; Rob Rogers, FAIA, Principal of Rogers Marvel and a juror in the 2010 competition, served as a design mentor to the finalist teams.


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