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October 1, 2011 - February 11, 2012

Building Connections 2011

The Center for Architecture Foundation brings built environment awareness to kindergarten through twelfth grade audiences. Our Learning By Design:NY in-school residency program began in 1991 and serves 2,100 students each year. Celebrating its ninth year, Programs@theCenter are our youth and family workshops that have grown steadily to serve 2,800 yearly. These award-winning programs inspire creative thinking, problem solving and civic activism; increase students’ visual literacy and appreciation of architecture and the design process; and introduce youth to careers connected to the built environment. The programs are led by experienced artists, designers, and architects who use real-world projects to help students understand the history, social context and impact of design as it connects to their own lives and communities.

Building Connections 2011 brings together a selection of student work from the diverse communities we serve. The projects exhibited showcase our hands-on, project-based approach to teaching that supports core subject learning both inside and outside of the classroom. Over the years, we have tested and refined our teaching methodology. We begin by building on students’ existing knowledge of the built environment, then introduce new images, ideas and vocabulary, to broaden students’ understanding of the topic and to strengthen observation skills. Through guided neighborhood walks, discussions and real-world analysis, students learn to ask questions and think critically to gain a better understanding of the elements of design and the design process. Hands on activities such as drawing, 2-D design and 3-D model-making equip students with the skills and sensibility needed to create their own designs. Presentation and reflection encourage students to communicate and refine their design ideas.

As we celebrate our 20th year of built environment education, we continue to work hard to provide our city’s youngest residents with access to the highest quality, creative, design-based education. Our programs help students grow and thrive and while some may be future designers. . .all will be designers of our future.

Exhibition Design: Poulin + Morris, Inc.

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Opening Reception
Saturday, October 1st, 2011, 3-5pm

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